Sarasota Video Production | Pre-Production: Your Role.

Creating a video for your business with a production crew can be a lot of fun. Sometimes though, clients don’t always know what to expect and what their job is in the whole process. That’s why we have created a step by step guide so you know exactly what’s happening every step of the way.

Step 1. Consider Audience, Message, and Product.

The first step in this whole process is also the most important. It’s understanding the very bare bones of what you want your video to achieve. Your audience, message, and product are at the very core of your video and need to be understood fully. It’s a great idea at this point to write them down and put them somewhere (like the office wall) to remind yourself of your goals throughout the process so that your message stays consistent.

Step 2. Develop Your Script With a Core Team

Now that you know what you want to video to achieve, it’s time to get to work on a script. It’s essential that the team who works on this script, be the very same team of people that see the project all the way through to final product. Changing people or accepting newcomers halfway through can throw everything off, so choose this team wisely, and stick to it! While writing the script, consider these key questions:

a. Who are you?

b. What’s the customer’s problem?

c. What’s your solution?

d. Are you using testimonials?

e. What is your call to action?

Step 3. Identifying Voice Talent and Actors

This step is important, but super easy with the help of the production team. The production company is full of experts when it comes to getting the right tone or mood across with actors. They will be able to make suggestions and point you in the right direction so that your job is just to make final calls.

Production | Filming.

The film crew steps into action! Rest easy during this part.


Step 5. First Cut

This is the first cut, expect your film to be at around 80% completion. At this point, the crew will show you the current product.

Step 6. Constructive Input from Key Decision Makers

After you’ve seen the first cut, you and your core team of people will be able input feedback. In your core group, it’s a good idea to have key decision makers to have a final say in discussions. Remember not to look outside the team for ‘second opinions’, as outsiders haven’t been there since the beginning, and don’t have the same understanding of your message and goals.

Step 7. Second Cut  

Another cut. At this point, your video is at about 90% completed.

Step 8. Second Set of Constructive Input

This is the time when you and your team will be able to offer any final edits or suggest any further cuts or feedback.

Step 9. Third Cut

Your video is 98%-100% done. This step is about the final finishing touches and getting everything wrapped up.

Step 10. Your Video Is Ready

That’s it! Your video is ready to be sent out, posted, and shared with the world. Congratulations on a job well done.

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